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VannZa Group brings together effective and globally proven strategies to create increased effiecincy in the renewable energy and forest products value chains. Integrating platforms, procedures and tools from the earliest project planning stage can save immeasurable headaches and long term operating costs. Sustainability is a critical component of any resource develoment program and VannZa Group is well positioned with competitively priced export forest products, low impact harvesting tools, effective EPCM services, operations analysis and financial modeling for CapEx / Opex. 


Plantation infrastructure upgrades and harvesting tool modernization is a core capacity of VannZa Group with optimal vendor resources and experience to create the efficiency in your plantation and harvesting operations.  From our equipment and technical support, your operation can benefit from decades of experience in some of the most remote and challenging environments on the globe. 


Renewable energy development requires a highly efficienient value chain. VannZa Group is uniquely positioned to serve our clients with state of the art energy and tool platforms. Fuel streams including biomass and MSW can be utilized to provide not only base load grid power but heat and steam for co-located manufacturing enterprises.

Our team includes experts in EPCM roles for onshore facilities with proven track records of successful project delivery.  


VannZa Group brings western technologies to renewable energy and forest products workspace requirements. 

By controlling the construction process and materials value chain, building to a higher standard is possible. Where deficiencies in existing materials and methods are present, our proven methods ensure rapid project deployment with very consistent product QA/QC results.  


Product export of softwood and hardwood species common to the construction and high value appearance grade wood products manufacturing form the core of our export platform. Our products are custom processed to individual customer needs by market and quality. Our deep and lengthy experience in exporting to Asia customers provides a strong basis for client relationships built on quality, deliverables and competitive pricing structures. 

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